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Thunderbird 2 Support

I recently decided to support Thunderbird 2 (specifically and above), but only had basic sync support (only the original attributes were synced) until figuring out a few bugs today.  As of now, the extension fully supports Thunderbird 2, 3, and 3 with the patch for Bug 413260 applied.  The only catch is that the extra attributes added by the extension (like Third and FourthEmail, different types of screennames, etc.) are only editable after the card has been created.  You cannot make a new card and set those attributes right away due to how the address book works before the refactoring in Bug 413260 is applied.  It detects the version and whether 413260 is applied when it starts, so the same extension will work with whatever version you have installed between and 3.0a2.

Over the next week I plan on testing the features of the extension and fixing any bugs that appear.  When this is done, I will hopefully be able to release an alpha version for public use.  If you do decide to use it, I strongly suggest backing up all of your Google Contacts and your entire Thunderbird profile.  You can find info on backing up your Google Contacts here and info on backing up your profile here.

Edit: There is another problem without the patch from Bug 413260 applied.  Copying a card will not copy over the added attributes.


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Thunderbird 2 Support Added

As of 2 minutes ago, my extension now appears to work in Thunderbird 2 after some fun with nsIEnumerator and nsISupportsArray.  The array documentation didn’t show the AppendElement method which, combined with [notxpcom] and [noscript] caused me a headache until I tried it.  It also works in Thunderbird 3 with or without the patch from Bug 413260 applied.

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