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New Attributes Added to Address Book

I have almost finished adding some new attributes to the address book that can be synced with Google.  The attributes will work on cards whether they are in the address book being synced or not.

The catch: It requires the current patch to Bug 413260, which is temporarily delayed.

The list currently includes:

  • ThirdEmail
  • FourthEmail
  • HomeFaxNumber – Thunderbird’s Fax Number is synced as a work fax number, but Google also has an option for a home fax number.
  • OtherNumber – A phone number marked as “other” in Google
  • OtherAddress – on multiple lines, similar to Google Contacts
  • Google Talk screenname*
  • ICQ screenname*
  • Yahoo! screenname*
  • MSN screenname*
  • Jabber screenname*

*the screennames are listed as text; there is no link to open your IM client(s).

It is easy to add more, so please let me know what you would like added.

I have a (large) screenshot on my website hereI cannot yet save changes made in the edit card dialog, but I expect to have that finished soon.


July 7, 2008 Posted by | GSOC | , , | 2 Comments