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Extension Update


Since the last update, I have finished refactoring all of my code except for the code that converts contacts from one format to the other to make it more object-oriented.

Bug 413260

I have applied the most recent patch in Bug 413260, which, among many other things, removes specific attributes from nsIAbCard and uses a hash table to store attributes.  Since custom attributes can be added and retrieved easily and quickly, I have started synchronizing more information.  From now on, the extension will depend on bug 413260, thus Thunderbird 3.0a2pre and above.  There will be more changes in that bug, and I will adapt my extension to each new patch.

Synchronized Attributes


  • Name
  • The first four e-mail addresses (of any type).  Only the first two are shown in Thunderbird, for now.
  • The first mobile, home, work, pager, and both home and work fax number.  Home fax number is not displayed in Thunderbird.
  • The first screenname of each type (Google Talk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, and Yahoo).  Only AIM screennames are shown in Thunderbird.
  • The first home, work, and other address.  The other address is not displayed in TB.
  • Job Title
  • Organization
  • Notes


  • Display Name
  • Home: Address, Address Line 2, City, State, Zip, and Country
  • Work: Address, Address Line 2, City, State, Zip, and Country
  • AimScreenName (_AimScreenName)
  • Work, Home, Pager, Cellular, and fax number (fax number is set as work fax when syncing)
  • Primary and second/additional email
  • Notes

Possible Future Additions

I may add my own instantiation of nsIAbDirectory, as suggested by my mentor.  This would bring several advantages in the future.

I will probably add an overlay to the card view to show some attributes that gContactSync adds (such as additional e-mail addresses and screen name types).

Questions for potential users

  • Would the ability to sync photos be useful?
  • Approximately how many contacts would you sync?
  • What else would you like synced?
  • Are there any attributes you would like added to the Thunderbird Address Book?
  • Do you use lists in Thunderbird?  Groups in Gmail?

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