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gContactSync 0.2.0b2r2 Released

I have released gContactSync 0.2.0b2r2, and you can download it here.  The only changes are a few bug fixes, some logging improvements, support for Thunderbird 3.1a1pre, and a new link to the error reporting form in the gContactSync menu.  I recommend upgrading if possible, but if you already have 0.2.0b2r1 it isn’t too urgent.

Current Features

  • All the features of 0.1
    • Synchronizes an address book in Thunderbird with contacts from a Google Account (Gmail)
    • Customizable
    • Groups in Gmail are synchronized with mailing lists in Thunderbird
  • Duplicates (multiple contacts with the same e-mail address) are allowed
  • Much faster synchronization than 0.1
  • Only US English (en-US) until I finish adding features and strings
  • Customization of how addresses are synchronized
  • Default groups are enabled (Family, Friends, Coworkers) as mailing lists in Thunderbird
  • A new fetch-only mode where Thunderbird only receives updates and never sends updates to or deletes contacts from Google.

What Features are left for 0.2.0?

0.2.0 will probably have an option to just synchronize the My Contacts group since it contains the most important contacts and is all some devices, like the iPhone/iPod touch, synchronize.  It will also help avoid the usual problems with mailing lists.  I may also make some UI changes before 0.2.0.

Bugfixes & Enhancements since 0.1.x

Bugs in italics are new since 0.2.0b2r1

  • Bug 20779 Add a preference to disable auto-delete
  • Bug 20853 Too much recursion when the log directory is deleted
  • Bug 20852 Illegal rel value due to dummy e-mail address
  • Bug 20658 Add version info to the log
  • Bug 20739 Add links to the support forum & wiki in the menu
  • Bug 20757 Allow read/fetch of Google Contacts only
  • Bug 20546 – Search is broken in gContactSync 0.2
  • Bug 20644 – Localize all strings in options.xul
  • Bug 20656 – Error: gAddressBookBundle is undefined
  • Bug 20527 – Avoid HTTP Request errors when the Address Book window is closed
  • Bug 20509 – Add Seamonkey support
  • Bug 20508 – Consider adding overlay.css to customizeToolbar.xul
  • Bug 20487 – Add shortcut to preferences in the Address Book
  • Bug 20486 – Improve Address Preferences
  • Bug 20352 – Update gContactSync to use Contacts Data API 2
  • Bug 20148 – Default groups dont appear in Thunderbird
  • Bug 19786 – Support for Google’s ‘Most Contacted’ & ‘Suggested Contacts’

Sync Button Details

Newest instructions.

Quite a few users have reporting seeing a strange and ugly icon for the Sync button:

Toolbar buttons

It should look like this for now:


If you still see the incorrect icons there is a workaround that should fix it:

  1. In the Address Book window, go to gContactSync -> Preferences
  2. Check Force the Sync toolbar button image.
  3. Click OK/Close
  4. Close the Address Book window and open it again.

If those instructions still do not work, please let me know.


I would love to hear your feedback, whether positive or negative (if polite ;)).  My new preferred method of feedback is through the forum, which will hopefully help me stop forgetting to reply to e-mail and let others add their opinions to feedback.  Please send logs with the error report form or via e-mail and do not put them on the forum.

I am working on updating the wiki with articles on how to use and troubleshoot gContactSync.

I will be adding some polls here and would appreciate any feedback.

Tutorials for 0.2.0

I will probably create some flash tutorials like the original one I had.  This time I will probably host them on YouTube to prevent my website from getting blasted again.


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