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gContactSync 0.2.0 on AMO

I finally added gContactSync 0.2.0 to addons.mozilla.org.  I also placed it on BabelZilla so I should be able to add more locales (translations).  Since it is new and hasn’t been reviewed yet, it is still listed as “Experimental”.

Current Features

  • All the features of 0.1
    • Synchronizes an address book in Thunderbird with contacts from a Google Account (Gmail)
    • Customizable
    • Groups in Gmail are synchronized with mailing lists in Thunderbird
  • Duplicates (multiple contacts with the same e-mail address) are allowed
  • Much faster synchronization than 0.1
  • Only US English (en-US) until I finish adding features and strings
  • Customization of how addresses are synchronized
  • Can synchronize just one group (My Contacts), all groups (including My Contacts, Family, Friends, & Coworkers), or all contacts and no groups
  • A new fetch-only mode where Thunderbird only receives updates and never sends updates to or deletes contacts from Google.

Bugfixes & Enhancements since 0.1.x

Bugs in italics are new since 0.2.0b3

  • Bug 20925 Log the preferences
  • Bug 20907 onDrop needs to set dummy e-mails if the target is a mailing list
  • Bug 20681 Handle expired tokens
  • Bug 20655 Login dialogs should specify and validate an e-mail address
  • Bug 20549 Add a hidden preference to disable dummy e-mail address
  • Bug 20119 Improve the first login dialog
  • Bug 20891 gContactSync ignores the name in the first login dialog
  • Bug 20888 Change untyped phone number labels in the card view
  • Bug 20833 Add a preference to disable the new phone number labels in abResultsTreeCols
  • Bug 20865 Allow synchronizing only one group (My Contacts)
  • Bug 20864 The group XML feed is displayed in the verbose log twice
  • Bug 20771 Allow name parsing
  • Bug 20779 Add a preference to disable auto-delete
  • Bug 20853 Too much recursion when the log directory is deleted
  • Bug 20852 Illegal rel value due to dummy e-mail address
  • Bug 20658 Add version info to the log
  • Bug 20739 Add links to the support forum & wiki in the menu
  • Bug 20757 Allow read/fetch of Google Contacts only
  • Bug 20546 – Search is broken in gContactSync 0.2
  • Bug 20644 – Localize all strings in options.xul
  • Bug 20656 – Error: gAddressBookBundle is undefined
  • Bug 20527 – Avoid HTTP Request errors when the Address Book window is closed
  • Bug 20509 – Add Seamonkey support
  • Bug 20508 – Consider adding overlay.css to customizeToolbar.xul
  • Bug 20487 – Add shortcut to preferences in the Address Book
  • Bug 20486 – Improve Address Preferences
  • Bug 20352 – Update gContactSync to use Contacts Data API 2
  • Bug 20148 – Default groups dont appear in Thunderbird
  • Bug 19786 – Support for Google’s ‘Most Contacted’ & ‘Suggested Contacts’


I would love to hear your feedback, whether positive or negative (if polite ;)).  My new preferred method of feedback is through the forum, which will hopefully help me stop forgetting to reply to e-mail and let others add their opinions to feedback.  Please send logs with the error report form or via e-mail and do not put them on the forum.

I am working on updating the wiki with articles on how to use and troubleshoot gContactSync.

I will be adding some polls here and would appreciate any feedback.


Flash tutorials are coming soon…  I’ll write another blog post when they are ready.


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