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gContactSync 0.2.0b1 released – Please upgrade

Anyone using version 0.2.0a1 or 0.2.0a2 of gContactSync in Thunderbird 2 has probably encountered a severe bug.  It starts when you attempt to search using the textbox in the top-right corner of the Address Book window.

It only affects Thunderbird 2 (not any recent version of Thunderbird 3 or Seamonkey), but 0.2.0b1 has more changes so I recommend it to all users.

Download link:



  • The search filter cannot be removed until Thunderbird is restarted
  • Contacts cannot be modified, added, or removed to or from that directory until Thunderbird is restarted
  • Unable to synchronize (some errors listed below).
  • The status bar says “Synchronizing…” and will not change
  • Mailing lists and contacts in that directory may not work properly, even after a restart

Some Errors:

***WARNING: Couldn’t evaluate command
Error – no URL was found for the HTTP Request

For technical details and more possible error messages please see the bug report.


  1. Download the extension from the link and install in Thunderbird
  2. Restart Thunderbird
  3. Open the address book
  4. If synchronization completes successfully you are finished, otherwise continue.

It is possible, although unlikely that you may need to do more.  I had to do this with my test profile that I corrupted when attempting to find the cause of the bug but not the others.  If you must follow these steps please e-mail me so I know.

  1. Repeat this for all synchronized address books:
    1. Go to Gmail and backup your contacts (Export link in the top right of the contacts page)
    2. Select the synchronized address book in Thunderbird
    3. Go to Tools -> Export, and make sure you choose LDIF, then save it.  This will backup your contacts in case anything happens.
    4. Right-click the directory and click “Delete” and click OK at the prompt.  This will not delete your contacts from Google.
  2. Close the address book window and all Thunderbird windows
  3. Start Thunderbird again, but do not open the Address Book window yet
  4. Open the Add-ons manager (Tools -> Options -> Add-ons), select gContactSync and click Options or Preferences.
  5. Go to the Accounts tab
  6. You should see your e-mail addresses and blank spaces where the address books should be.  If not, backup and delete the named address books and go to step 6 (e-mail me for assistance or if you cannot remove them)
  7. Select the address and click ‘Change Address Book’, then type a name and click OK.  Repeat for all accounts.
  8. Close the Preferences dialog and add-ons manager
  9. Open the Address Book window and Sync if it doesn’t start automatically.  There should not be any errors, and you should see your contacts in each synchronized address book.

I can make more thorough instructions with screenshots if necessary tomorrow evening (US central time).  Please let me know if you would like this.

If you have any questions or this doesn’t work please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

Download link:


The Sync button is still not working for all users, and I finally managed to get it on one profile in Windows Vista.  When I upgraded to 0.2.0b1 it went back to the normal icon, but this release does not have a fix.  You may avoid using the Sync button and use the Sync option under the gContactSync menu in the Address Book toolbar instead.
If you want to remove the button:

  1. Go to gContactSync -> Preferences -> Main
  2. Uncheck “Enable the Sync toolbar button”
  3. Click OK or Close, then close and reopen the Address Book.
  4. If the button doesn’t disappear please let me know.

Bugfixes/enhancements since 0.1.x

Bugs in italics are new since 0.2.0a2

  • Bug 20546 – Search is broken in gContactSync 0.2
  • Bug 20644 – Localize all strings in options.xul
  • Bug 20656 – Error: gAddressBookBundle is undefined
  • Bug 20527 – Avoid HTTP Request errors when the Address Book window is closed
  • Bug 20509 – Add Seamonkey support
  • Bug 20508 – Consider adding overlay.css to customizeToolbar.xul
  • Bug 20487 – Add shortcut to preferences in the Address Book
  • Bug 20486 – Improve Address Preferences
  • Bug 20352 – Update gContactSync to use Contacts Data API 2
  • Bug 20148 – Default groups dont appear in Thunderbird
  • Bug 19786 – Support for Google’s ‘Most Contacted’ & ‘Suggested Contacts’

Known Bugs

  • The Sync toolbar button still doesn’t always work

I apologize for the inconvenience



March 9, 2009 - Posted by | GSOC

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  1. Now I can finally sleep in peace without worrying about that bug. 🙂

    Comment by pi | March 9, 2009 | Reply

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