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No Internet access for a while

I recently moved to Minnesota for an internship and I’ve been having some trouble getting an Internet connection even though I ordered it far in advance.  I’ve been waiting about two weeks now, so hopefully I’ll get it soon.a

I have basic access with my phone, but very limited bandwidth and I cannot type well with it, so if you e-mail me or the list, replying might take some time, especially when I can’t try to duplicate bugs.

I’m at the library now (free wi-fi, but only HTTP and HTTP over SSL seem to be allowed), but it is too far to walk so I have to take the bus on Saturday.

I’ve fixed what bugs I could, and started work on version 0.2.0, which works with the new and improved API from Google (see Bug 20352 for progress).  Since multiple contacts with the same e-mail address are allowed in the new API, there should be a performance boost.  I also hope to make more speed improvements.

The one thing holding me back from releasing 0.2.0 is Bug 20153 since mailing lists with contacts that may not have e-mail addresses are essential for taking advantage of the new API.

I have a version with some bug fixes (should work on trunk as it was when I had an internet connection) that will probably appear in 0.1.3 (unless I fix bug 20153 soon), but I don’t want to release it when I have no way of testing it or communicating.


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