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Slightly improved Groups support, bug fix, and Reminder

I have slightly improved support for Groups.  Instead of just showing the groups, you can now either remove a contact from groups that it is in (by deleting the groups in the Edit Card Dialog) and add a contact to existing groups by adding a comma, space, and the name of the group to the end of the Groups textbox.

For a simple example, pretend John Doe is in two groups, Group 1 and Group 2 and you want to remove him from Group 1 and add him to the existing group named Group 3.

Go to the edit card dialog and change this: Group 1, Group 2 to Group 1, Group 3

Bug Fix

I found a bug where the card view pane on the bottom would show some extra attributes from the last card viewed (third and fourth email and added screennames) while viewing a mailing list.


And, as a reminder, please check out the test release (which doesn’t have the fixes mentioned above) and let me know what you think.  I have instructions in my previous post.  The deadline for GSoC code changes is August 18, so I’d like to submit code that doesn’t have any major bugs…  I will still continue working on this extension after that date, of course.


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