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Synchronizing Addresses


Thunderbird stores addresses using 6 fields:  2 lines for the address, the city, the state, the zip code, and the country.  Google stores addresses in one field (supports multiple lines).  Since these two differ so greatly, it is difficult to synchronize addresses properly.

Possible Solution(s):

Splitting the address with newline characters in Google

Address Line 1
Address Line 2

Any empty fields in Thunderbird would mean an empty line in Google.  Google’s mapping feature worked perfectly with the method listed above.

Splitting the address with semicolons

Another possibility is using semicolons instead of newlines to split the address.  Google was also able to map an address formatting in this fashion.  Example:
Address Line 1;Address Line 2;City;State;Zip;Country

Separating using newlines seems to be the most readable (to me), but Google only shows up to 4 lines in the address field and makes you scroll to see beyond that.

Any other ideas or thoughts?


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  1. […] tab determines how addresses are synchronized.  As explained in a previous post, Google only has one field that allows multiple lines for addresses while Thunderbird has 6: […]

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